Gameron Dubai

Gameron Dubai


Our goal is to develop international trade and secure investments in the trade and use L/C in banks

 Field of activity:

  • Import of goods from East Asia and Europe to Dubai
  • Export of goods to Asian and European countries
  • Opening L / C in banks
  • Buying and shipping it to Iranian Customs by Air and Sea



The tourism industry, as a new industry, has a special place in the world economy and is one of the main sources of finance in each country. The Gameron Group also operates in this business.
Field of activity:
  • Getting a UAE tourist visa
  • Booking 3, 4, and 5 star hotels in the best locations in the UAE
  • Tourism, educational and exhibition tours
  • Get residency and admission from universities in the world


Managing Director : Seyed Musa Khatami
License No. 54097
Email: khatami[at]
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