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About us

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History of the name of Gameron

The old name of Bandar Abbas is Gameron. According to historical evidence, Portuguese after attacking to Persian Golf in the 16th century and settlement in the Hormoz Island noticed that there is a small village in the north of this Island. Whereas in the shores of this village, crabs were abundant they called it Kamarao (crab in Portuguese). Over time, later it renamed Kamaron and finally became Gameron. In 1615 A.C Imam Gholi khan one military officer of Shah Abbas Safavi, after attacking and defeating the Portuguese in the south of Iran, called this village Bandar Abbas that has remained this name yet.

Gameron Trading Group

Based on the aim of the board, In 1387 Gameron Trading Group started its activities to provide international transport and shipping services according its activities in the international arena. In 1372 Gameron Trading Group started its activities by presenting transport services and road transport. Then in 1378 according to accurate understanding of customers’ requirements started other activities in the field of commercial services and customs clearance. After that in 1382, it added wharf and roofed warehouses and container services (strip and staffing) to its services collection. In 1387 Gameron Trading Group started its activities to provide group transportation servies and international shipping activities in these areas and has officially launched. Now Gameron Trading Group is known holder of certificate of quality management ISO 9001/2008 in the commerce affairs, clearance, transportation, loading and offloading and goods maintenance. This company with experienced and trained employee in Bandar Abbas and Tehran, condification and establishment a comprehensive quality management system is ready to provide optimal services in any matter related to business and commerce activities.

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